so this isn't really fag-oriented, i just thought i'd put it in because yes i am glad i offend people. "why is he this way, does he have problems," you say. i say, "no, i get my rocks off offending people because everybody is blinded thanks to the gay agenda's manipulation".

so, anyway, i was using the same old 'save phillip' ploy.


(and i don't answer and she says this)

my brother actually is dying of aids. and not because he's gay... how dare you use that to get people to visit your site?

haha, how dare you fart before my wife?! i'm sorry, i didn't know it was her turn. i don't care who i offend. it's time somebody took a stand, i'm glad dr. laura is doing it, i'm glad fred phelps is doing it, and i'm mighty proud that i'm doing it.

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