i got this email and as soon as i realized it was a bellyacher, i put it in the trash. maybe a week passed when i was looking for a support email to post that i initially threw away, and i finally read the bellyacher's email. after releasing it back to the trash, something dawned on me. it was a long letter, but here are two sentences that came from it:

it is one thing to share your hateful thoughts with those who sympathize with you, but it is another to try to solicite visits to your site by those you are trying to offend. okay, since she realizes that i market to those who i am trying to offend...

i found it ironic that you had 2 support emails posted (and only a line of each...) and several opposing emails posted. ...why would she find anything strange about my only having 2 support emails to post?!

in an effort to belittle me, she was comparing the responses i post to my hate mail with a child's "i know you are, but what am i" type response. excuse me, isn't an "i found it ironic that you had only 2 support emails and several opposing emails posted" type email in my inbox basically the same type of "nyah nyah"?

if it weren't for these two matters, i'd have kept her on my "to murder" list and not have left it up to the fact that she probably doesn't look both ways before crossing the street. back

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