i thought i was done with the site, but then came this letter:

whilst i might wholeheartedly disagree with everything you've written on your page, i don't care about that. let it be known that i don't care! in other words, you have not shaken, stirred or otherwise threatened my facades of self-righteousness. you're free to write whatever you want. let me repeat, i am not angry about the nonsense that compelled me to email you my opposition in the form of a couple of intensively angry sentences. do what thou wilt, and all the rest of it... this is not the first time fags have emailed me and their text has brought forth mental images of curly-q and other gaudy decorations ('whilst' and 'thou wilt') to make themselves appear (smarter? bloated? rainbow high? ungrounded?), but this was my first clue that whoever wrote the letter was not to be taken seriously or even responded to.

the one thing there's no excuse for is the fact that your screenplays are shit with a capital s, h, i & t... this was my first clue that whoever wrote the letter did not mature past age seventeen, and the second clue that he was not to be taken seriously. that's some of the most ott, convoluted, unrealistic and ill-thought out dialogue since... navy seals! (and believe me, this is saying something). after you stop pouting, after you stop playing roger ebert to the camera-lens of your mind (you know, the same one that renders you famous by filming you vogueing and lip-synching and yelling back to a midnight movie screen), try (your hardest, you faggot exhibitionist) to realize that it is possible to be proud of something even if other people aren't. i'm surprised you don't just hang your head in shame at the complete direness of your plotting (if one could call it that). likewise your head, mr. desperado, for roget ebert is (was?) televised...to an audience of more than one person, even. you're a pathetic writer, and an even more pathetic website host, because your html coding doesn't stand up to much either... what's the point? just cuz you can't feel pride without mass approval, doesn't mean i can't.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now