i opened this letter and got one look at the length of it, and i said to myself, "anyone who would spend so much of their time behind a keyboard writing on and on about how wrong or sick i am to have written my site or about how righteous gays are in spite of what i say on my site, i must've really offended". so, for what it's worth, please accept my apologies.

wow, this is one of the best conceived pieces of troll bait i've ever seen. ("troll bait," it's gotta be in the fag dictionary - yeah, fags have their own way of speaking because they are so much better than the real world) calls all the right schoolyard names, pushes all the right ego buttons, takes advantage of all the right backlashes, and has just little enough content that before you realize there isn't a single bit of evidence or logic on the site, your victim has already clicked send. (nice wool, but i'm not buying it...mainly because you realized that there was no single bit of evidence or logic on the site long before you clicked 'send'. yet, you kept writing. thing that make me go 'hmmn...")

you know, i'd love to know what you think of lesbian relationships (you know what i think of homosexuality, lesbianism is homosexuality no matter how you derelicts choose to colorize god's black and white world), and i'd love to know how long your scrawny breeder cracker frat-boy racist ass (would you look at that? you're giving so much credibility to yourself with all your taunts...i think what makes you angry is that my site is not all taunt/no sense) could stand up to oprah if you called her those names to her face. (if i ever was given the opporitunity to talk to oprah, i'd confront her with the reasons why i called her a 'fat nigger,' inform her that saying "your god" hints at the possibility of there being more than one god and is as satanic as gays are) of course, we all know you wouldn't, because that's now how your kind operates. (i won't say what you are for assuming that you know anything about me) i've been up against plenty of you in my time, whether their line was "all sci-fi fans are naive dorks" or "all butch women really just want to get fucked" or "you're a feminist, boy you must be ugly". (pat yourself on the head?) i went through a phase where i thought it was worth trying to use logic against you -- there was a day where i'd simply, calmly pick up a copy of the new testament and quote you every single tenet of christian behavior that you've violated. (while calmly skimming the parts of the bible that prohibit homosexuality and feminism and the satanic like) i'd note that on one hand you were championing an idealized "natural order" of gender and sexuality that is never directly mentioned in the bible (is anything actually 'directly mentioned,' besides 'thou shall not like with mankind as with womankind' and 'women are to have no power over men'?), but had to be cobbled together from little inferences and quotes taken out of context (i think your kind lives for morphing the bible into something that parallels your agenda, i know there is a gay bible but i'm not sure if there is a bible in which jesus was a woman) -- if st. paul had told st. timothy his wife would look pretty in a skirt, you fuckers would make it a sin for us to wear anything else. (why would that matter, little miss i-am-woman-hear-me-rebel?) then i would point out that while you were going over the bible with a fine toothed comb to make sure nobody accidentally fucks the wrong person, animal, or household appliance, (fantasies of yours?) you had somehow failed to even follow the idiot-simple tenet of "do unto others" and "love thy neighbor", which is spraypainted across the new testament in sixteen foot glowing letters. (what is not spray-painted, mind you, are the facts that unconditional love is not unconditional acceptence and that my website is merely me doing unto the bloated egos of people like you exactly what satanists like you have been doing unto the christ-likes like me for decades) i would point out that if jesus had been like you, he would've written a bunch of goofy, pandering pop songs insulting prostitutes (jesus is not like me, i am like jesus in a way. jesus is in me. you see, i was born in 1974 and grew up tainted by 80s 90s pop life while jesus' untaintedness was ignored until it came into my young adult life. therefore, sort of morphing the clean and unclean lives together, i wrote a bunch of goofy pop song parodie insulting derelicts with christ-like beliefs) and told the tax collectors that they needed to get some self-respect, and not a soul would have wept at his crucifixion. (exactly...if jesus had been like me, he wouldn't have wept for himself or for the fact that nobody was weeping for him. wait a minute, jesus didn't weep. he said, "forgive them, father, they know not what they do," didn't he? though i still have an ounce of too much pride left in me that would not let me mourn for my killers, if i'd have gotten over that defense mechanism before being crucified i'd probably have said the same.)

and then i went through the phase where i thought i'd seen the light of reason and decided it was easier to ignore shits like you (try not to hide the fact that you are paranoid with anger, quit presenting yourself as calm and merely writing a professional letter of opposition). i decided that most americans were reasonably intelligent folks who would take much more intelligent debate to sway them than the sort of puerile flamebait dished out by web and usenet troll artists like you. (okay, i said try not to hide your anger) (it occurred to me that whatever the topic, it had probably already been debated to death by intelligent people on both sides of the issue -- if there are natural psychobiological tendencies associated with being female, for example, or if homosexuality really did lead to certain negative consequences in population trends, the most trustworthy authority for such delicate analysis would be a sociologist, or a biologist, or a theologian -- not a 26-year-old pop singer. (it doesn't take initials by one's name to understand concepts as simple as 'opposites attract' or the differences between men and women...though it takes initials by one's name to sell the world into thinking that some men who are whole with themselves as men can be stimulated and therefore taken aback by raw masculinity. or that men and women are equally aggressive, assertive, competent, and even masculine).

then it finally occurred to me that most americans are complacent, vicious, and dumber than shit (dumber than, maybe...but most are more expressive than it - hmn, you must be an immigrant), and if i had to get ahead in a world full of macho assholes like you, i would have to be more vicious and smarter. (i can understand why you feel you need those worldly things, after all you said you'd have to be more vicious and smarter than those who are complacent, vicious, dumber than shit. it's too bad you didn't feel like you had to be more complacent as well, for when you have self-satisfaction then worldly things just don't matter) when you are not self-satisfied and contented then the more you can gain (what an ugly, ugly person, what an ugly and naive thing to say...sacrificing peace for greed is just plain satanic - i don't have to wish you a terrible life because you've already wished it upon yourself). so now i just flame people like you regardless of the consequences because i really enjoy it. (ditto) just like all the other armchair philosophers i've aced in my short sweet time, you'll never develop a single crack in the six inches of brick surrounding your brain, you'll never engage anybody in a single intelligent discussion of gender roles, and you'll never change. (up to this point, it doesn't sound like you have justified any of your beliefs that my beliefs have obviously violated - all you've been doing is taunting, gloating, assuming and flaunting a talent for organization that far surpasses that of my brain-injured intellect...so you've not really said anything worthwhile) you probably won't even have the decency to realize, deep down, that the site you've erected (erected in lieu of what, i wonder?) (can you, like, be a little more...adolescentile, oh wise woman? repeat with me "my life will never do without sex") is nothing but a hissy-fit by a man who's not brave enough to know that you should take love where you find it. (in the words of tina, "what's love got to do with it?" are you a sexual predator, meaning that one should take sex where one can find it? or do you take love where you can find it because you can only get it from other people? well, with your admission of seeking greed over peace, i'd break out into song again "the latter is a-purple, come on climb!") that's fine. you can live your pathetic life, and you can never realize that the problem was that you were such a shitty little twink when you were a fag that you never knew real love once in your life. (so 'real love' is all physical to you, eh, rendering my skinny little body unworthy? i see your true colors shining through, if you're an eighties child. i see right thrououououououough you, if you're a nineties child.) you'll never realize that you've become a bible-thumper because you couldn't bring yourself to believe that your failure to have a fulfilling, mutual, courageous relationship with a member of your own sex was your own damned fault. (i don't think this site is truly all about bible-thumping, i do however think that you cannot digest the fact that opposites attract because it hits home to your state of feminine insufficience. and you don't wanna face that. pardon me for making an ass out of u and me, but if you can do it then i can too!) but by flaming you, at least i can remind myself that i've thought my own life through really well (it's a shame you need to be reminded, eh? not too secure with knowing, eh? i wouldn't doubt it if you were a lesbian, having to remind herself that she was indeed female - sort of like guilt by association?), i'm happy and comfortable with being a dyke (certainly not secure, as i've said), i love my girlfriend enormously (your feminine replacement who finally gets you in touch with what femininity is, i'll bet), i don't feel like the disapproving eyes of some big spooky god are watching me (more power to ya, more power to ya...you'll need lots of it someday), and i know that -- based on my experience with other web-geeks like you -- you're living a pretty pitiful life. (i'm sorry, tell me how to please you, queen)

i almost wasn't going to type my commentary of this letter because 1) it was so long, and 2) i previously had posted a page on the site that said i wasn't going to do any more of this...but now that i am finished with it, i am happy i did it

i would say fuck you, but i have better people to fuck. i hope your asshole's healing nicely. (one, i've only been fucked in 1997...and two, i do not need sexual gratification of the masculine or feminine or dylian kind to be happy. up your nose with a rubber hose, comprende?)

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