since kevin smith is so proud of his 'dogma' 'hate-mail,' i'm a-gonna show you some of mine. ps, i'll admit that, though the primary purpose of this website is to educate ya'll to the many errs of homosexuality and homosexuals (self-bloatedness, pride-facades, lies and manipulation, anger and the other six deadly sins), i do get a yippee-thrill when i see 'hate-mail' because i know i am offending people and because i know i shook 'em up. possibly got them to think. so, here, i just realized that if i do this then that means 'hate-mail' writers will know they're being used. therefore they won't write. oh well, here's a few i received:

7/2/00, 7/3/00, 7/3/00, 7/4/00, 7/9/00, 7/10/00, 7/11/00, 7/21/00, 8/31/00, 9/02/00
9/09/00, 9/10/00, 9/11/00, 9/11/00, 9/12/00, 9/14/00 , 10/29/00, 12/8/00, 12/12/00
12/12/00, 12/12/00, 12/12/00, 12/12/00, 12/13/00, 12/13/00, 12/13/00, 12/14/00
12/14/00 , 12/15/00, 12/15/00

things that made me go 'hmmn'

there's a couple 'hate-mail' letters scattered, probably in the queer commentary sections. i didn't feel like sifting through and finding them and moving them and all.

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