i am a straight female from the university of michigan, and i can understand why you have never had a girlfriend. (maybe you can ass-u-me, but then maybe i don't have a use for a "significant other". maybe its because im a bio-psych major, but i do think you're somewhat schizophrenic. (none of my personalities have a use for a "significant other".) if not, at least you need to be in major therapy (say it with me, madonna, "you're the one with the problem") - i suggest something in the humanistic-cognitive approach (lordy, "humanistic"...maybe i would then be a democrat who feels rather than thinks). perhaps if you stopped your hitler complex (really being part of something you try to destroy) (i don't think i am "part of" the gay lifestyle, i think this site makes that point clear), you might be able to live a good life in whatever sexuality you feel the most comfortable about (how can i please you so that you would think that my life is worthy, master? why is sexuality a necessary part of everybody's life to you, master? does my calling you 'master' turn you on? it wasn't meant to, i have never played sex games. i was never an 'ejaculate, giggle, clap' type man (or boy, seeing as the sex i've had was before i came to the end of innocence), i was more an 'ejaculate, dress, try to make a friend out of a sexually-obsessed masculivoid who doesn' t know the meaning of love without lust' type). if you learned to love instead of spouting all this useless drivel (love? love who? everyone? oh, you mean regard everyone as flawless and just perfectly marvelous? i think i'd rather keep spouting all the useless drivel, it's unimportant enough to have set an all-time high record of 197 hits in an hour...it's unimportant enough to have 'em keep coming back for more), you probably would get much further (get much further in what? in a life that you approve of, master?). and i really would suggest you keep going to school, obviously you have alot to learn about the world and the "bible" in particular. (i should go to school because i have to learn about the world? ach, you remind me of the miserable chick who wrote yesterday, saying she sacrifies self-contentment for greed of knowledge and power. i do have a lot to learn about the bible, what is your point? maybe you should learn that god's unconditional love is not unconditional acceptence. maybe you should learn that without repentance (which is what this website both is and was not meant to be), one cannot get into heaven. maybe you should relinquish your quest for knowledge and begin a quest for faith in what the world and its abundance of worldly knowledge cannot justify or legitimately disprove.) this letter has been a waste of my time (say it with me, "you are paltry and i don't know why i chose to write you"), but i think you may have enjoyed it. (she knows what i do with letters i get)

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