your pronouncements are ridiculous, overintellectualized crap. (why's that, mister?) apparently, you can't see the forest for the trees. (and that's because...?) wouldn't it be nice if life were as black and white as you seem to think it is? (no, cuz then you and all your 'glitter boi' paranoid schizophrenic friends would die from the lack of choices and resulting confusion in the world) well, it's not. (and that's because...?) congratualtions to you for making me respond to what you have written. (i didn't make you respond, but because you responded i know my logic did some damage to your facade of pride) although many of your thoughts are intriguing and might bear some scrutiny, collectively they lack any sense of emotion or feeling for the world around you. (and that's because...? what are you saying, that i should pity the world's runts? that i'm numb for not pitying runts? in either case, you're saying that you yourself are a runt) i feel sorry for you because you come off as one of the whiners you are railing against (and that's because...? where in this site do i say "pity my kind and give us special rights in the name of overcompensation, equalization"?) and because your heartlessness will leave you alone and unloved. (and that's because...? if i am 'heartless' because i don't pity those whose mere existences rely on pity - special rights, encouragement, unwarranted respect, whatever - then i am proud of being 'heartless'. gays have such fear of being alone and facing life on their own. can you say 'incompetent'? ) have a good day. (what is the point of that one? i don't know you from adam. 'have a good day' after such a letter makes me think you're as bloated as all the gays)

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