i, for one, love your site. as a gay rights supporter (it was here my bleepers went off), i pass your url on to people all the time. because every time someone from groups like the family research council tries to look credible in the public eye with their gay bashing it's so simple to cast them in the same lot with your type of stuff that it does wonders to make the public understand why gay rights are so important. you are, indeed, a vital and important figure in the debate. (this is exactly the kind of thing i would do, praise that which annoys me to make the writer of it think he is doing a disservice to his cause. nice ploy, but i'm not that easily taken advantage of)

you're doing great stuff for gay rights, and also to discredit fundamentalist christianity as well. keep up the great work! (nice ploy. did you ever see pee wee's big adventure, when pee wee herman was showing off on his bike like a flaming exhibitionist and fell flat on his ass? remember how he tried to cover, how he tried to save himself from looking like a major ass to those kids? remember what he said? "i meant to do that")

i more than slightly suspect that in reality that's exactly what your site is all about. i suspect it's quite possible that you're actually a gay rights advocate putting on this site to make anti-gay activists look bad. it's a common enough strategy. (oh, drat, you've seen right through me. let me take my site down, seeing that i only put it up to give a bad name to gays...and it turned out that i was a traitor to my cause - back to the drawing board)

for the record, i don't find your site, your material or yourself offensive in the slightest (for the record, if you didn't find it offensive then you wouldn't have even thought about telling me that you didn't find it offensive...and you wouldn't have sent or even written a letter designed to make a basher think twice before bashing...but that's just for the record); on the contrary i find it highly entertaining, amusing and educational. as a matter of principle, i find impossible, myself, to be offended by words regardless of the message. (hmmn, say it with me, "i exist on a higher intellectual level than you do, and your words are like decorations...like shelved pottery...like plastic insects...like dangling chads")

my type of liberalism includes tolerance for all forms of speech, including yours. i would strongly oppose anyone's attempt to censor you. in fact, if you want to pass on anyone's email address who has attempted to do so i would be more than willing to contact them myself and explain my position as someone who disagrees with you on every point, but will also strongly defend your right to express your views. i would also cc you on all such messages, if you like. (say it with me, "i am one of the people you were trying to offend, but nyah-nyah...i wasn't offennnnnnn-ded!")

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now