ok, i know you won't respond, but that's fine, but i do hope you at least read this before deleting it. i'm a heterosexual female,and i'm not going to insult your writing skills, because frankly, mine aren't any better. (good one, don't directly insult me and best not start your letter off with the only thing you can possibly conceive that will make me angry) everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so certainly i won't say that you should immediately take down your site and shut up. you shouldn't, you can say whatever you like. as can i. (do you think you can be a little more transparent or a little more long-winded in giving me the impression that i didn't offend you?) i just wish i understood your opinion better. what makes you think the way you do about homosexuality? (what makes you think the way you do about rape?)

i do have a few problems with your site, of course. i'm not anti-gay, i don't see it as anything wrong or hurtful. if that's the way they want to live,so be it. i'm not in any position to judge. that's god's job. (why can't anybody share their opinions about others without it being considered 'judgement'?) the bible does indeed mention things that seem to say homosexuality is a sin, but remember, the bible wasn't written by god himself (will you only be satisfied that the bible is god's word, if a book were to suddenly fall from the sky with the heading "this book is god's word"? or would there need to be a camera there, pointed up at the sky and taping nothing in particular until out of nowhere the book came into view? or would it have to be a live camera, since christians are known to manipulate and not being broadcast live would lead one to believe that special effects were added to the videotape?), but by thousands of jews who were being held captive. who's to say they weren't just writing down anything they wanted to? the stories and lessons could have been molded to fit what they wanted it to fit. (held captive by whom? the bible was not written all at once, the bible was written over a period of hundreds of years, you paint the picture of twenty people trapped in a cave whose only means of entertainment was making up stories and writing them down)anywho, my main problem with your site is the seemingly contradictory remarks. maybe i'm interpreting them wrong, but i'll never know, you won't reply to correct me.

you know, "live how ya want and if anyone gets in your way, bash 'em". by the way, that was a quote i remember seeing in some gay ol m4m guy's profile. so it is indeed a faggot's mentality...umm, seems to me this is your mentality too. aren't you bashing the gays on your site? hmmm... (i don't think i profess not to be a basher, but he wants to bash anyone who gets in his way of having fun. keyword: me me me. i am ridiculing those who are as self-obsessed and pleasure-driven as he is)

: "god loves everybody," and they use that knowledge to justify the legitimacy of their lustlives. lust, yes the fourth deadly sin - though straights may use sex just for lust sometimes, heterosexuality is necessary. just because god loves everybody, doesn't mean he approves of and condones everything his children do. god loves aaron mckinney, that doesn't mean he approves of matt shepard's murder (i don't either, i wish it could have been more brutal as well as more torturous). and no, god does not approve of that comment either, though he still loves me.

aren't you indeed using their same excuse to justify your own cruel comments? maybe there was sarcasm, but it's hard to tell when reading. (ahem, didn't i say that god does not approve of that ms comment? didn't i say 'but he still loves me'? don't gays say that god approves of their behavior? don't gays basically say "god has no reason not to love me?")

in short, who are you to say what is right and what is wrong? (i'm not saying what is right and what is wrong, that is just the impression you are getting by my saying what is wrong with homosexuality) who are you to judge others when you blatantly scorn others? (who are gays to say they don't judge others, when they blatantly scorn whoever opposes their lifestyle? oh, i guess it's okay for gays and women and other minorities to scorn straight white men, because the media is doing the same anti-christian thing) is that what god wants? for you to insult his children? i honestly don't think so. (get off your soap box, didn't you see my admission of fighting sin with sin not being christ-like? didn't you see non-aggressive christianity being mocked once again today? this website is like jesus christ doing something he'd never do: taking an aggressive stand against his opposers and getting right smack in their face...and apparently you do not like it. hmmn...)

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