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(okay, don't be too transparent, giving me your wholehearted authorization to do my best to make a bumbling idiot out of you like it's something you want and that you had to tell me you wanted)

what the hell???? who do you think you are???????????? (who do you think the writers of a play about a gay jesus think they are, having written what they knew all along would anger people?) if someone doesn't like the opposite sex let them go with the similar!! (if someone doesn't like the 'same sex or no sex at all' advocates, let them oppose - what's your idea of fair?) i'm sure you are no saint so you have no right to blame, threaten, accuse, judge, or sentence anyone!!! (this is the mentality of today's world - "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" is getting out of hand - with a mentality like his, one has to think he opposed with a vengeance the people who sentenced aaron mckinney) i'm sure your a catholic by your cocky, superior, conceited attitude. (i'm sure you're agnostic, judging by your 'no rules, just right' type attitude) well listen, the people who will get a-choad (or head, a penis head incase you didn't get that) (this boy is intellectually confused and sexually motivated) in life are the people who are secure and honest with themselves! (what's secure and honest about a man who is stimulated or otherwise taken aback by the mere presence of a nude man, what honesty lies in the lies that get him to find security, fulfillment and something excitably taboo in another man?) its people like you who act as if us "gays" had a choice in our orientation. (say it with me, "poor poor pitiful me, i'm a victim of genetics, of the faulty blueprint that dictated to me what my likes and dislikes and innermost desires would be) whats up with wanting that poor little boy to be beaten and tortured and all??? (it's not matt i have anything against, it is the emblem of special rights that he has come to stand for) also, whats wrong with feminists, women deserve just as much power as men if not more! (which is more powerful as a whole, masculinity or femininity? i should rest my case there, but i'll go on to further my point - in today's society, who we are is not what we are but what we feel we are. thanks to reality-morphers like fags, fems, oprah winfrey, patricia ireland, and all the gender-benders) the majority of the us population is now women!! (and women are seen on lumberjack contests with chainsaws, alongside the men who have axes) if your against "gays" so much, whats with all the naked pictures and clicking on your ass (we have better tastes than to go to someone like you)??? are you trying to please us??? (i don't think you realize it, but what you said in those sentences is that you perceive gays to be sexually motivated, sexually obsessed and all about lust) to me god was gay, jesus was gay, every person mentioned in the bible was gay!! (oh, and are you blabbing out the first thing that comes to your head that you think will offend me, or is that line going to be followed with some kind of justification?) if gay is evil then why are so many people gay?? (if homosexuality is not of satan, why does it snub its nose at the fact that god made two genders, why can't two gay "lovers" who mean the world to each other have sex and create something to love for the rest of their lives, why did homosexuality run rampant in the towns of perversion that were set afire by god himself, why does the bible say homosexuals will not go to heaven, why was aids a gay epidemic before it reached the masses of heterosexuals, why is the media embracing it?) you cant say they're all evil because many of them do good, humane things!! (you can't get into heaven with actions, i wonder why) you deserve to die of gonorrhea and rot in hell!!! (your hell must be god's heaven, so wish all the evil you want on me)

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