i understand that you do not want people to attack your writing style, but maybe your arguments would make more sense if you could write in clear and concise statements. organize your thoughts, maybe take an english class or two, and the re-write your page. you are doing an injustice to your cause when you cannot advocate it properly through words.

isn't it ironic that as i was writing the 'mail me' page which turned out to portray me as paranoid about my writing skills, i thought to myself, "dylan, you're just setting yourself up for jabs...when queens see this they all will respond with a number of different insults meant to shoot your writing skills down". isn't it even more ironic that before posting that page i can't remember any insults about my writings, while after posting that page...lo and behold, letter after letter that i received had something to say about my spelling and my sentence structure and all.

so i guess i can't call these people puppets because i did not mean the page to be an experiment at the time of posting. i wish i did, because then i could really do a superiority dance. but the fact remains that i didn't...so the most i can call them is desperate to insult me. and lacking cause enough to prey on what was seen as vulnerability.


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