your not a genius. (check your spelling before telling someone that they are not smart) no your just another guy with nothing to say. (why do you respond to nothing?) i do believe you have the right to say it. so keep it up. it's nothing. (one more time?) just nothing. (thank you!) look at it like this; 100 years from now no one will even know your name. (is that supposed to put a bullet through my heart?) thats right no one. (waaaah) you will die and your hate will pass away with you. (you will die and your inability to regard anything going against the institution of id as "hate" will pass away with you) yep bye bye.(toodles...aren't you gonna stop writing?) i doubt if you will even be able to pass much of your hate, if any, along. (i know you will be able to pass along much of your inability to see queer commentary as anything but hatred, heck the world is embracing this limited way of thinking) some people worry about guys like you, not me. (you're not doing a great job of selling your apathy, patting yourself on the head like that) your like a pimple, here today, splat, gone tomorrow. so keep it up you can't succeed. (succeed in what? you can't succeed in making me believe you have not been shaken by my site) you just have nothing to say. (one more time?) nothing, (thanks!) nothing , (reiteration to make yourself buy what you're saying?) nothing (wow, you are feeling pretty complexed). i really mean it. (alright, i'm really believing it) no i'm not kidding. (i'm not kidding that you couldn't sell a blind man sight) i really mean it (whew) and that is what will drive you crazier than you are now. think about it. (you oughta think about why you are writing, calling me crazy, trying to sell me your apathy of my works) you are harmless, you will be gone, i don't mind if you saying what you say. (your 'apathy' is too redundant to make me believe that) so babble away. (look who's talking) oh one other thing. the argument that i must care or i wouldn't have written this won't cut it. (i know better, for you've already been seen through) when i hit send it will all be history to me. (reaffirm your apathy) not to you though. (of course not, i have to copy your letter and add my own thoughts) bye,bye........poof (how old are you?)

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