you've probably heard this many times before, but your ideas on homosexuality lack any originality. reminds me of the gay o l "man" who set me up with "so how are you unorthodox" and i said "take a look at my site and get your answer" and he goes "with advancements in technology and websites, nothing is unorthodox"...give it up. simply put, like many other anti-gay people/groups that i've seen, you are fallacious, hypocritical, arrogant, irrational, and illogical. i guess i am fallacious, when you take into consideration the deception and lies that the gay agenda has instilled into peoples heads. i guess you will consider me hypocritical because i am a masculivoid myself and i bash masculivoids for being masculivoids - but the only way to really learn of something is to live it. i guess i am arrogant for flaunting homosexual illegitimacy...but by having a lust for men would you consider me arrogant or just plain confused. might wanna check yourself on that one. as for irrational and illogical, well...i guess my defense would be the same as my defense for being fallacious. not to mention probably brainwashed (ex-gay and speaking of the bible as though it contains real fact? please. brainwashed by whom? gays should be the last people pointing the finger and saying anti-gays are 'brainwashed,' simply because the gay agenda has been brainwashing the population around every corner. in films, tv, so-called 'art'. why is the bible not real, simply because your wee mind can't comprehend as legitimate anything that was not written at the time of any type of modern civilization? besides this, your ubiquitous mention of male homosexual acts could make one wonder if you're really as "ex-gay" as you might want to appear. do you think i am oblivious to what i post? back

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