here is another case of the old madonna lyric, "you're the one with the problem".

wow! so much energy put into developing your site and bashing people you don't agree with or don't understand. are you sure you're not turned on yourself by naked men and this is your way of dealing with the self-loathing? you're one sick, twisted individual. hope you someday get the help you obviously need to combat whatever hostilities you're feeling.

for all that have not gotten the message, i am turned on by naked men but because i don't consider lust any important part of cannot say i "loathe myself". these nimrods are so quick to point the finger, telling me that i have problems, when this whole site is dedicated to the problems that gays have. letters like this are undoubtedly their way to save face.

it's the people who call themselves gay that have problems, for they are defined by their pleasure principle and by easy thrills. society as a whole is preoccupied with sexual gratification, sex is number one on peoples' list of priorities, go without sex for a month and people regard it as almost sin.

if i "don't understand" the people i am bashing, why don't you have another look at yourself. i think this site is too on target, i think this is why i get letters like above. back

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