dude you're such a closet fag it's not even funny. (you are such an uptight web surfer, it's not even female) you, like everyone else, lash out at what you don't understand (i think i understand what i lash out at just a little too well, hence the website and the fact that you are viewing it on account of it's publicity) and hate yourself for being the way you are. (say it once again, "you're the one with the problem") i'm a liberal hear me roar my little cum bucket! (i'm hearing you beg for recognition, my pathetic exhibitionist) hey let me let you in on a little secret. the republic is dead! (thanks to whiners like you) you want dubya to get into office don't ya? you want that moron who can't even talk right in office. (you want the whiner who can't even accept defeat correctly (hint, hint) in office) i'm not afraid of you or the anger you put out towards everyone and especially yourself. (say it with me, "you're the one with the problem" - can't you even see through your own words?) you're nothing but a scared little boy who's worried about being casted from society. (he don't know me vewy well, do he? i've been the epitome of 'outcast' for ten years, i owe my entire existence to being an outcast) oh and before you start getting all happy about this email, i didn't read your website. i immediately knew you were a closet gay before i had to read it. (this is reminiscent of pee wee herman's "i meant to do that") back

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