i got this little letter with the subject of "you fake" in my inbox, for marketing my site as a pity party for some imaginary fag who was dying of gayds.

i notified aol of your "false advertisement" and offensive website. have a good day!



why don't you cross your legs and wail a big "raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape," while you're at it? i kinda bet you already did that, the words "offensive website" are token of thin-skinned women. oh, and the "have a good day" line i can see right through too, but go ahead and whine a grand ol' "nyah, nyah" while sticking your thumbs in your ears and wiggling your lil' fingies. oh, and i don't wanna even know how many times my site has been reported for violating queers' facade of "free speech"...you know, the freedom to speak hatred of everything but wee minorities.


check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now