i was coming back from thegym today and i thought about the niglet i chatted with online last night. i'm not crazy, if i knew he was a niglet then i would not have even startedchatting. but his profile looked so tantalizing, he was so big andstrong! but he was black, something he did not include in his profile. "so what," you may say to me, "there's no mention of your being white in your profile". that's right, there is no mention of my being white in my profile because more than a third of the people in the chatrooms are white. and what is the point of mentioning my whiteness in a room full of whites, it should be assumed. as they say in court, "majority rules".

minorities aren't having that. minorities are minorities and they receive all the special exceptions that groups like the naacp, glaad, now have fought tooth-and-nail to be bestowed upon them in the name of "equality" (or, to be exact, in the name of overcompassionate and overcompensatory equalization tactics)...(ie, scholorships, racial-profiling laws when race would be the biggest giveaway to a criminal's intent, 'hate crimes' legislation, the "violence against women" act, etc), yet while receiving this special treatment, minorities don't want to be seen as a minority. being seen as a minority, in minorities' eyes, is equal to being seen as a victim - a victim of reality, a victim of majority, a victim of a higher power that they can't control. why do you think interracial relationships and the children they create are promoted by the liberal-media, why do you think there are three minorities for every white man in commercials, movies, television, etc? so that eventually there will be no such thing as a minority, so that one day the straight white man will be a minority, this is only one avenue of the liberals' agendas to deconstruct america. back

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