you say it's "fun" to wait for a man to disrobe so you can "play with" his unhidden body - yet you maintain that masculinity isn't a discovery zone to you, that you don't lack masculine gender-identity, that this lack of knowledge is genetic, and quite affirmitively that gay "men" are indeed men. duh? heterosexuality is for those who've grown accustomed to their own states-of-gender.

minorities' agendas are too ridiculous to not be ridiculed. i mean, really...discrimination is life while minorities want unconditional pats on the back. cases in point: society would see the following: 1) 'white churches'as kkk-endorsed while wholeheartedly accepting 'black churches,' 2) the near-crucifixion of a straight white man as but a heinous and horrible murder (a crime of love?) while truly believing that gays are victims of 'hate crimes,' 3) a 'violence against men' act as a sexist and cowardly sign of special rights while wholeheartedly accepting the 'violence against women' act. naacp shouts, "promote the less-qualified cuz he's black, fire the bigot who flaunts 'white pride'".

"stop the violins" is an expression to ridicule those who thrive on this nation's regulated sympathy (
jesse jackson?), or who suspend a baseball player for (heaven forbid) offending their feeble existences. orwell had it right to the letter, as minorities need a big brother's intimidation to regulate 'tolerance' of their adolescentile and rebellious states-of-mind. btw: the likes of two coons should be forcefully _____ by the people if 'tolerance' saves them from lethal injections as it did from media coverage. am i getting through? i sincerely hope i am not inciting someone to violence.

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