member name:i never liked my uncommon name until i saw common people all bound by sexual gratification and pride and the media

location:the anti-defamation league, the naacp, glaad, the national organization of women - these are the real bigots of the world, fighting anyone having an opinion against them

hobbies:writing my website,, and letting the world see gays and women and other minorities not as the pitious victims they want to be seen as, but as the self-absorbed and misguided beings of evil they profess not to be.

occupation:webmaster of - that liberal-bashing website

personal quote:the black guy, advocating for the advancement of his kind, is he a bigot? the homo, advocating for what gives his kind thrills, is he a bigot? the feminist, advocating in opposition of the reality deeming her kind as less agile, is she a bigot?


check out my site, , unless you're there now