i hear that ibm is being sued for some kind of 'violation against humanity' for providing the nazis with ibm products. this is the same thing as how niglets in this new millennium are suing the us government and all the businesses that grew from the benefits they received from slavery in the last millennium. what the fuck? whiners are blaming everyone in sight and suing everyone in sight with today's laws for yesterday's offenses?

one of the goals of this website is to offend people like they've never been offended before. people need to be offended, for without taking offense one does not grow. you have your little runt-advocates trying to tell parents that they have no right to offend their own children with spankings, you have your little runt-advocates trying to make 'hate speech' illegal simply because it may offend - what the heck? people need to be slapped in the face and offended at a time like this, people need to see their own ludicrousness as ludicrousness and not as "different strokes for different folks".

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