out of desperation and lack of purpose, i signed myself into a said "head-injury rehabilitation" program that was nothing more than an adult day-care center. i was sold on the idea that i'd be provided with a free place to live and free food, courtesy of the insurance company, but i didn't realize the damage an extreme lack of freedom would do to me.

now, i'm a head-injured adult, but can you imagine old men and women sitting around a table playing "simon says" and "bingo"? and the bastard had me included in this garbage. "i'm a caregiver," he claimed, but he knew the misery i was being put through in his "rehab program," he knew he was ill-prepared to give me a program that would actually help me with the things i needed help with. a number of times he showed me his true colors. things he said and did told me that he was angry that i was so uncooperative and that he was angrier at the way i felt about his blessed retarded "family". he showed that he was vengeful and controlling, that his spite was keeping him from letting me go. the superior way he acted and the looks he gave me all shouted the word, "touche". more

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