i found this letter on the internet. this was written back when my matthewshepard.info domain name was a pointer to this website. the tampa bay coalition had a real problem with my website.

from: tampa bay coalition
to: tampa bay coalition
sent: monday, september 16, 2002 3:04 am
subject: contact info anti-gay website matthew shepard

hello my friends
updated contact information for host server
make a quick phone call and we could stop this anti-gay deception from continuing.
please, contact occ hosting, as soon as possible. demand that they take immediate action and put
a stop to the fraudulent, illegal and deceptive actions of the webmaster of "anti-gay.com" and forwarding
for: "matthewshepard.com". demand they cancel both websites and use of both domains permanently.
web hosting company that hosts this site and forwarded domain is:
occ hosting. http://occhosting.com/ [ support@occhosting.com ]
telephone: 877-321-4678 [toll free] or voice 954-977-2797 or fax 954-977-0210
i am calling occ hosting first thing monday morning and requesting they cancel the website
"anti-gay.com" and forwarding for: "matthewshepard.com".
i also, plan on calling dylan, 888-280-9527, and doing a little venting and a lot of ranting.
i plan on emailing him, dylanforpresident@yahoo.com and lovingmatthewshepard202@yahoo.com
i have reported dylan to abuse@rr.com and abuse@yahoo.com
much thanks to geoff and joey for all their help in gathering this information. and gabi to.
take good care my friend

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