remember how i told you how i bought this program called 'paragon drivebackup,' this past summer?  it's a program that makes an image file of any drive, for later restoration.

i restore my drive at least once a week (it only takes 10 minutes), i usually restore because i don't trust the sites i go to for serial numbers.  anyway, some software i download has free trial periods.  you know, use this software for 7 days, blah blah.  well, everytime i restore my system to a file i made before downloading the trial-period software, i get to install it again for another trial period.

i love drivebackup.  it's so sexy.  i keep the image files on d: and i restore them to c: - isn't that special?  and i even wrote some image files to dvd.  it won't let me copy my windows os partition to a different computer, though.  :(

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