all day, staring at the screen and faking friends with fags i would abhor
all night, hearing voices telling me that i should press some steel
cuz by far i'd rather firm my butt-cheeks
so long dealing you my naked form, but hey now, i want excersize

and i'm not gay, see, i'm just a little hung well
i know, right now it won't sell
but chat a while and maybe we can be two excersize buddies
fuck the gay scene, my lust's a little impaired
i'd go work out with you there
then soon enough you will be seeing me as how i wanna be...see?

the brawny dudes in health-clubs suck it, both our asses wet with steam
and i know, i know the others talk about me - i wish they would whisper
but the straights they think there must be something wrong with me
cruising all the showers, thinking somehow buddies i'll find

but i'm not gay, see, i'm just a little hung well...

i've been gawking, i'm in heat...pretty soon they'll come evict me
yeah, they're taking me away

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