u don't have 2 b beautiful 2 turn me on...eye just need your drama, baby, 2 flat b gone
and don't b unserious or burn with doubt...my lust, semen, balls fuck a being
who's gonna show me what real man's about

just don't ever say "bitch" 2 mean guys, or just don't ever b schooled by fools like gore
have no big stick up your "pride," and don't b braggin' bout shit
eye don't want no sex with guys with a.....lisp!

u flaunt 2 much, but surly gay things...they cannot impress me
u can't b 2 girly, gotta b bold when u undress me
eye'd wanna b your fantasy, gay thing, if u weren't blind
u must b the all, utmost, see? b the flask for my wine

yes...eye think we r a match!
uh...shama shama
look at wendy's boobies? (ugh!)
shama shama shama...

real men not girls rule my world, r gays dudes or girls?
lax r gays, shama - they bend genders (they r benders)
maybe they can fool the world
but q's don't have 2 go die nasty
just change your attitudes
your lust, leave it 4 other fiends
high up, will b your "cool"

u don't have 2 b sick 2 sing his psalms
u don't have 2 b fooled 2 right your wrongs
ain't no particular crime 2 just b mad at your id
he just wants your every crime 2 for-

my mclyrics

btw: the "shama" is from a play called barefoot in the park i was in during high school.

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