well you never really timed out to say it, girl...this school is so wrong
it was a disguise, you looked like you'd an honest song

i hate to be blind...couldn't say that i'd be wasting my time?

no, i quit again...i finked, i quit again, oh

i think about the young life of mine, i was lonely and brain was broke
i tried to relive the friends i hugged, but i felt unknown

i wanted my life, couldn't see that my loves changed with my mind

and so i quit again, i finked and quit again, oh
each time i quit again, i'm always pissed at them oh

well it felt like something i wanted bad
when i finked, i saw it's not much something i already had
and i can feel them all around me, saying one thing "you're such a fuck"
and i can feel they're not so happy...and i will feel like i am crappy!

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