i'm gawking, you're awfully not the dream i knew years ago, love
i'm singing, i'm singing, i believe you're not stefanie

with you i was a giggling girl, with you i was a man
now you are bert from ses'me street, you found your self's a man?
your hair is now atrocious, nowhere it's long and free
brown hair has now been colored - you were sens'ous, now ugly
now i get feeling strange ‘round you, don't know what you're reacting to
i think it's of my words, my site - i understand you’re teaching, right?
and i have heard you’re divorcee...just pair that with your n.a.e.
it gives no hope that you and me could ever be a thing

stefanie, stefanie, you hardened my thing
now, ugh, a big brother’s goat
stefanie, stefanie, you hardened my thing
but now, ye maybe mold peoples’ votes

assumed you are a fascist, you hate the little boys
you ‘fend a need for ridilin, you play them like a toy
i see that you are ugly and you blight kids’ understanding
i can’t forgive your angry little heart, its soc’list demandings
you sink down to your knees with your hands upon my thighs
and you purr, “i want to romp, sir,” but deliver me no pride
and right while you are kneeling there, i shrug and pee onto your hair
you understand that love from me is never meant for thee

love, you understand mee?
your femi-nazi life can be so one-sideed
one can embrace gay sex, the left
"stop the right-wingers, get them off of the net!!!!!”

you hurt the business of your pride
it’s good, equality...
but now they’re healed, your scars
and still you play the v
always will you try to point the fingee
and fly back to the nineteen seventies

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