justify my bigotry (these make good bumper stickers!)

why'd the abortionist behead a patient? he thought she lived by the golden rule.

what'd god say to the gay newlyweds? "and a preacher of my word, did this?"

why'd black history month get 28 days? because it's a queer idea.

why's the prisoner jessica lynch known as a war-hero? because a man captured saddam huessin.

why do muslims murder real people? because allah frowns upon abortion.

why has "white trash" no counterpart? because it would have to be unheard of.

save a fetus...abort a feminist.

what were matthew shepard's last words? "so much for cruising straight bars".

tolerate my intolerance, you bigot.

at jesse jackson's neverland ranch, he seduces corporate ceos so smoothly, that no victims see him as an extortionist.

battlehymn of the uss womanpower: "include me or i'll sue".

what'd the gay newlyweds say to outback steakhouse? "you stole our slogan".

"reparations for slavery," or free one-way tickets back to africa?

little miss violator went to war...and came back pregnant.

god hates liberals (and vice-versa).

what'll blacks want after getting slavery reparations? reparations for its exploitation.

...like rape victims were actually saving themselves...

marriage is godly, but god isn't gayly.

what did lumberjill say to lumberjack? "my chainsaw's heavier than your axe".

why'd the gay guy cross the road? to have sex.

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