gays and five of the seven deadly sins

1. pride
* including but not limited to gays' excessive parades intended to fabricate a facade of "esteem".
2. avarice (greed)
* including but not limited to blacks' reparations for the days of slavery they've never experienced.
3. envy
* including but not limited to feminists' "help girls excel as boys do in science and math" school.
4. wrath
* including but not limited to...oh, wait, is my wrath. nevermind.
5. lust
* gays say that aids is not a gay disease like nobody can justify its epidemic status.
6. gluttony
* us center for disease control interviews, reports typical gays claim 500 different sex partners.
7. sloth
* accomplishing nothing is not the same thing as not getting paid for what you do accomplish, mom.

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