this chat must've taken place on november 28th, as that is the date of the word file that i copied the chat into.
i am manic homo 1974, by the way.

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frisky enigma: he left like 2 mins ago..
manic homo 1974: denzil washington is black, for crying out loud, he doesnt deserve anything!
frisky enigma: where did that come from..??
abqdm43: manic think be fore you think boi
frisky enigma: im 1/8th black.. maybe i should get some benifits because some weird obscure relative who is long dead.. might have been a slave..
abqdm43: get a real life boi
frisky enigma: yeah i know.. i thought id ask tho..
manic homo 1974: what'll they want after slavery reparations? reparations for its exploitation. haha!
frisky enigma: lol.. theyll want the travel expences from africa to america paid in full..
manic homo 1974: send them back to africa, that's really what they're asking for when they ask for reparations for slavery
bbtoppinyou: how bout we just pay to send them back instead since it is so bad here for them
frisky enigma: the door is open.. and it swings both ways..
frisky enigma: don let it hit you on your way out..
bbtoppinyou: they already get reparation,,, all of them are the biggest welfare queens in america
bbtoppinyou: the ole song,,, dumm dumm dumm, get a job. !!
frisky enigma: there are alot of whites on welfare too tho.. to be fair..
nmexico999: anyone lookin in the ne hts?
frisky enigma: where in the ne heights..?
bbtoppinyou: compare the percentage of population nationwide, and the white people arent dominating the welfare rolls

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