quoth wikipedia: gender norming is the practice of judging female military applicants or recruits, or female employees or job applicants in the civilian workforce, by less stringent standards than their male counterparts

“...except to say that we should not have the girl’s version and the boy’s version of that physical fitness test...if we were physiologically as strong as men, rape would not exist. You would be able to defend yourself and fight him off” - kellyanne conway
Undergraduates sitting examinations in summer 2017 were given 105 minutes to complete their papers rather than 90 following faculty claims that “female candidates might be more likely to be adversely affected by time pressure”.
classy standards for the classy gender --> <-- lesser standards for the lesser gender

quoth usa today: marine study finds all-male infantry units outperformed women
quoth the new york times: "women are slower than men in running, in swimming, in cycling"
quoth the national: “it’s much harder for women to build muscle mass than men"
quoth the standard: Secret Service Requires Female Agents to Meet Lower Physical Strength Standards Than Male Agents
quoth FDNY Drops Physical Fitness Test Requirement to Boost Female Hire Rate
quoth Suicide Rates Among Female Vets 'Obscenely High'
and victor serebriakoff wrote in 1985 that only one in three members of MENSA is a vagina
(i guess mensa doesn't lessen requirements for the lesser gender)
(insert nanny fine's nasal laugh)
these are ideas i've had for bumper-stickers:

RESIST feminism

puck fink

feminist is short for "female chauvinist"

pink is sexism

pink is chauvinism

pink is red vag-blood and white tit-milk

risk affirming patriarchal endeavors

kicker, curb-stomper, but don't killer

if guns are outlawed here, i'll be shooting abroad

experience the thrill of shooting abroad

to hell with the vag, i wanna see some vaw

gi jane...held to a lesser standard

use your broad hips, your unbroad shoulders and your short stature to defend any other country

real men vomit pink

if she can unabashedly call herself strong
he doesn't need a gym, just a sex-change

most men look down upon their little wives
it's a matter of men's superior height

curves fitness
if you can't beat 'em, ban 'em

curves fitness, women's sports
rooted in the special olympics

less is required of female soldiers

the wnba is NO SLAM-DUNK

"anything a (78 year-old) man can do"

"to protect and serve lunch"'

strong enough for a woman
assisted enough by pregnant-parking

strong enough for a woman
assisted enough by lesser military-standards

strong enough for woman's sports
assisted enough by gender-segregation

nobody's driving the car in front of me
whoops...get a booster-seat, lady!

she compensates with high-heels and shoulderpads
the pipsqueak won nathan's hot-dog-eating competition because she did not have to compete against members of the bigger gender and their bigger stomachs

"They don't dunk, they don't use the same size ball, and they play to houses packed with empty seats" - chicago tribune
"Whoever wins the WNBA championship this year would get blown out by most of the country's top high-school boys' basketball teams and every Division I men's basketball team."
softball also caters to disabilities - smaller fields, bigger balls to focus on and hit, pitches designed for limited upper-body strength
insert nanny fine's nasal laugh
why are "strong women" being raped and dominated all the time?
if sisters are capable enough to be "doing it for themselves," why should they be entitled to receive alimony?
Told Ya So: Chick Secret Service Agent Overpowered by WH Intruder; Did She Break a Nail?
women are disabled, pregnancy adds to the disability, and UPS shouldn't have to hire the disabled
(war is peace, freedom is slavery, shorter/smaller/weaker is superiority)
what did jesus say?
some goofballs strike the pose most WITH balls ARE the pose
do i have to say the itty-bitty words? mice don't even fear her weak gender!
from internet-news:
Marines delay female fitness plan after half fail
Girls More Prone Than Boys to Headaches After Head Injury

huge muscles, WTF???? 70 pounds?! WTF????

where's the popping bicep?   (on her knee?)
when was the last time you heard the word "women" not being preceded by the word "strong"
when it's preceded by "violence against" (insert nanny fine's nasal laugh)
you can't have it both ways, bitches, either you're weak victims or strong women
Dana Capobianco curls 85 lbs for 30 reps
(if it's not per bodybuilder's arm, insert nanny fine's nasal laugh)

to compare: skinny dyllie, the couch-potato, just curled 35 pounds 30 times
i've been lifting sporadically for less than 1/3 of her dedicated 15+ years.
hey, dana, all those gym-hours and 85 pounds is all you have to show for it?
she's more than twice as strong as i am, i am to her what she is to a man bodybuilder
hey, lady, i don't take steroid-supplier is a testosterone-producing body

large muscles struggling for 11 reps at 45 pounds...if i got a sex-change, would my muscles be bigger?
(i thought i had posted the pic as a link to the youtube video)
Society for Cutting Up Vaginas (SCUV manifesto)
if anyone has a problem with my manifesto, refer to the SCUM (society for cutting up men) manifesto
I (support those who) RAPE WOMBN BECAUSE
all about pipsqueak soldiers and men who protect them
Lauren Silberman, first female kicker to try out at regional combine, lasts two kicks before injury
your vagina bleeds for a man...

    W O M B N   P O W E R    
if your vag is red and bloody, clap your hands - if your vag is red and bloody, clap your hands
if you're in the military and you're not always preparedy, if your vag is red and bloody GET SOME PADS

men on top or the bottom, the vagina can only submit. no matter what kind of games women play to seem strong or "in control," they're still going to bleed out an egg every month unless they've been used like a tool by a man and impregnated by a man. whether or not the wombn uses her milk-faucets to feed her child, the female was designed as a tool to be used by babies for nourishment. the female was designed to be a tool, not a soldier - soldiers are supposed to be "always prepared," but the monthly egg-leak stands in the does the lackluster physical strength of the Strongwoman. why is Strongwoman usually shorter than most men? why don't young womens' widening hips look as intimidating as young mens' widening shoulders, it's as if biology didn't intend Strongwoman to be comparable to men.

as for female police officers...think of nanny fine's laugh
until the little womb is harmed through her daily life as much as men are, she will not be tough

an alarming new study finds that drinking just one soft drink a day raises the risk of stroke in
women by 83 percent, and the increased risk applies to both sugar-sweetened and diet versions.


“I want to be perfectly clear about this next comment so that there is no mistaking my words to mean something other than what they plainly say: the time has come to end white male oppression by castrating every white male until they are no longer dominant in Western culture. That means forcible removal of their testicles. I realize the brutality of my comment, and I don’t know how to say it more clearly.” - Justice Sotomayor
if she can say that, if there are plenty of anti-man google results from "feminists castrate men," then i can publicly advocate for breast-severance or rape of females.
an actual military manual for female cadets to deal with the inconvenience of femininity:
FEMALE SOLDIER READINESS (42-paged adobe pdf)
(annie, get your gun...don't forget douche and tampons and vagisil and sanitary wipes)
I D E N T I T Y   C R I S I S

this is how we mold the minds, mold the minds, 'trol the minds
'strong woman's now known as right, not oxymoron
GEORGE ORWELL CALL YOUR OFFICE! (it isn't called television programming for nothing)

can you also lift a 15lb peanut, too?
i wrote a parody about Curves, "don't mean nothin" by richard marx

i want a womb, man
i need a womb, man
give me a womb, man

justine dohring, a bodybuilder who is competition-worthy, can curl 110 lbs with a barbell.

youtube has many videos...many different men (and one boy) curling 100 lbs with a dumbbell.
this is a letter i sent to many of the businesses in the "womans' yellow pages," i did not say they all need raped

I have to admire every Strongwoman in the "Yellow Pages For Women" - women are all so special and ELITE, that they do not deserve to be placed in a regular phone book with Goddess-forsaken m-e-n.  Dare I say the word.

We are elite, and we don't need a m-a-n to do anything, right?  We can do ANYTHING a m-a-n can do, though I have not been working out this past three months because I threw my back out trying to move my big-screen TV across the room, that is the only reason my bicep curls pale in comparison to m-e-n at the gym.

Kudos to you!  Kudos to the "Yellow Pages For Women"...kudos to WomanPower!  If you know of any all-Woman moving company, I am moving to Vegas next month and would like my Strong Sisters to transport all my furniture that too heavy for me, out of my house.  I do not want m-e-n in my house, ever.

Yours in Goddess, Dylan (that is a WOMAN'S name...I am Strongwoman!)
  associate yourself, biotch!
there once was a "strong woman" lib whose strength was a product of spin
she'd sue for 'scrim'nation and cite condemnation if she could bring her maker in
oh in july 2007 i saw a "women vs men" fitness contest poster.  surprise, it was merely cardio, but i guess everyone needs a little face saved.

if i hear one more notion of a "strong woman," i will kill someone   <-- acrobat pdf
llIf female soldiers were needed, they'd be drafted along with men.
Until that day comes, they will not be required to do pull-ups.

your hat's too heavy 4 ur little head that's ok, you don't fit the job!
how many strong women does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  THREE! [one to screw in the bulb, one to summon the news crew...and one to to rewrite the schoolbooks]
"The average woman has 56 percent of the upper-body strength of the average man, according to Christine Wells, Ph.D., author of Women, Sport, and Performance: A Physiological Perspective."

"We are relatively strong in the legs and hips (women have about 72 percent of a man's strength) and weak in the abdominal region and arms."

wow look at the size of that dumbbell.  i couldn't imagine being able to actually workout with that womanly weight.  being as skinny as i am.'s what a 22-year-old man and woman must do to "max" (get a perfect score of 300) the physical fitness test in each service.

Marine men must do 20 pull-ups, 100 sit-ups and run three miles in 18 minutes. Women Marines must hold the flexed-arm hang for 70 seconds, do 100 sit-ups and run three miles in 21 minutes.

Army men must do 75 push-ups, 80 sit-ups and run two miles in 13 minutes. Women soldiers must do 46 push-ups, 80 sit-ups and run two miles in 15:35.

Women are held to lower physical standards than men. Lower physical standards can jeopardize mission accomplishment and evacuation of wounded fellow soldiers.

Only about 3% of military women test as well in physical training as the average male. Women have much to offer in knowledge, skills and abilities to our armed forces. Man-handling an 80 pound back isn't one of them.

If one of our soldiers is wounded, do we know that a female could move her buddy to safety?   This doubt, this hesitation on rescue is what destroys unit cohesion.

Women in combat does not improve the ability of our Army to fight and win.
song parodies bashing feminism and/or celebrating rape:

the marines hymn   jesus loves me   honey i'm home   beat it   ghostbusters   all in your mind   man! i feel like a woman!   goodbye, earl   rescue me   just like jesse james   she will be loved   let's talk about sex   operation spirit (the tyranny of tradition)   careless whisper   man! i feel like a woman   justified and ancient   modern woman   honesty   justify my love   the bargain store   d.i.v.o.r.c.e.   you give love a bad name   woman thing   before he cheats (the 'some girls deserve it' song)   man! i feel like a woman   words get in the way   she don't need a band to dance   papa don't preach   god don't make lonely girls   tough (the strong woman song)"   words get in the way   take my breath away   vogue   amazing   i could never take the place of your man   she's always a woman   hurt so good   don't mean nothin'   these boots are made for walkin'   girls just wanna have fun   move this   careless whisper   we're not gonna take it   more than a woman   don't know much (but i know i love you)   object of my desire   so what   wind beneath my wings   janie's got a gun   vibeology   room at the top   venus   walking on the moon   so emotional   the dolphins cry   pretty woman   don't speak   hold her down   born to be my baby   lady madonna   union of the snake   justify my love   keep on moving   the dolphins cry   it takes a woman   if she knew what she wants   separate lives   why   legs   no rain   original sin   justify my love   express yourself   all because of you   more than a woman   (you make me feel like) a natural woman   just like heaven   that's what love is for   boom boom boom (let's go back to my room)  
what's the difference between the violence against women act and the americans with disabilities act? :)

if strong women can do anything men can do... ...battered wives must really want a settlement.
hey, kymberly!  hey, elyzabeth!  hey, alyson!
sue your feminist moms for stamping 'jealous masculine wannabee' on your foreheads!
gi jane at war, dying in record numbers
women soldiers are being wounded and dying in record-breaking numbers. practically no one is talking about it – not the media and not even congress. newsmax magazine's special report "gi jane at war" breaks the silence and reveals the truth. find out the implications for national security, the growing sexual assault problem, how the pentagon is flouting the rules to put women in harm's way – and much more. CLICK HERE for more details.

strong woman needs help strong woman needs help

JOIN A GALS-ONLY, SPECIAL ED CLASS: keep comfortable, safe, unintimidated with other strong woman

a blurb on rape   society for cutting up men manifesto   gems straight from the mouths of feminists   and the pens of feminists   feminism and a whole lot more

feminism is as contempt does.  it's no wonder homosexuality is so rampant, with feminism's spiteful attempts to trivialize the reality of gender and to compensate with seething hatred of men for any rational thought applied to the notion of a "strong woman" flexing her muscles, with dyke-minded legislators exploiting equality to undermine the integrity of our armed forces by making the physical requirements for strong women less demanding (do i have to say the words?), how could anybody exposed to televisions and magazines have any concept of gender-identity without the pc spin, and why would they not be inclined to regard other members of their own gender as an excitable taboo?

sexual violence against women does not get me off, mind you, as doesn't vagina...
what does make me smile, however, is a feminist having been
Recklessly Annihilated, Pretty Eloquently
because, you know, they all think they have a superiority over men -
they think they're strong, they think they're equal fighters,
they call for male-castration, and that is the final straw - take that
tree-hugging, latte-lapping, PETA-supporting, university-attending, atheist feminist
who majors in "womens' studies" while thinking her frail musculature can do anything a man can do...
and Risk Affirming Patriarchal Endeavors!
as for the black feminist dyke at duke who reported a number of conflicting facts to support the liberals' ultimate caucasian-subjugating, man-bashing fantasy, somebody ought to let her experience the horrors of being raped as violently as she says she was, so maybe she won't joke about it anymore.  understand?

should i laugh in ridicule or rage at the overcompensatory machine?
are "strong women" really this shallow, to vote for a female president, with candidates' gender trumping everything else?

Single moms, disproportionately in poverty, burdened by the need for good daycare and schools, often rotting in minimum-wage jobs, are natural fodder for a woman Democrat who can identify with their plight and focus on their needs.

hmn, sounds just like the democrats' antipathy towards personal responsibility. "save single moms from the life they have created for themselves"

women demanding handouts to compensate for what they do not have, on account of being the STRONG AND INDEPENDENT WOMEN that they've been cultured into believing in and becoming.  reparations for feminism, if you will.

"we will call on the government to compensate for the errs of feminism that we blame on men for not disclosing" - hillary clinton's campaign promise

here is where i take back all my pro-rape sentiment...because if you've no condom it is WRONG to rape a feminist.
what exercise strengthens strong woman most?  SPINNING!  (see below)

Did you ever hear that line, "Everything preceding 'but' is BS, in this case BullSpin?  Read on...
"Follow-up studies have demonstrated that women respond to strength exercise in the same rate as men. They are therefore not the weaker sex. They are the smaller sex, but on a muscle-for-muscle basis, women are just as strong as men."

uh...yeah...lift heavy...20 lbs...a woman can do anything a man can do

i saw this on some website:

You'll see guys who are 50 pounds overweight doing set after set of biceps curls, as if the ego-boosting effects of 17-inch biceps will somehow negate a 46-inch waist.

i see strong woman's spite for actual strength
i see strong woman projecting her reason to workout onto total strangers.
i see strong woman implying that she exercises so she can look pretty to the world.
i saw this on a little while longer:

I am a female in the Marine Corps and would like to know how I can not only better my flexed arm hang, but be able to perform pull-ups too." I received this request this week from a young Marine seeking to better her PFT scores.

i do not understand how the armed forces can lower their standards so much as to accomodate strong women who can't do pull-ups.
i saw this on  some strong woman is offended by what she was told by a man at the gym:

# "Trap muscles on a woman are unsightly." (I nearly punched this guy.)
# "Women shouldn't deadlift or squat, because it makes their waists too big, and that's unfeminine." (Nearly punched him too.)

violence against men.  you'd never hear men talking like this about strong woman.  why does strong woman get away with it?  billy joel will tell you why: "it's just a fantasy, it's not the real thing, sometimes a fantasy is all you need".

sometimes a fantasy feeds self-esteem

and strong woman knows that no man is going to hit a girl.  if she would actually realize the reason why, i wouldn't be having this arguement. oh yeah...then there's this: Reader Crystal writes, "I was doing a set of bicep curls, maxing out at 35lbs per arm, but really struggling and a guy came up to me after I'd moved on to another exercise and he said to me, 'You might not want to lift so heavy because you're a girl and you don't want huge muscles.' PARDON? I was like, actually I WANT big muscles but thanks for noticing. He offered to 'buy me a drink' at the protein drink bar but I laughed at his pimple faced skinny ass and walked out.

woohoo, after growing up a skinny theatre-fag, band-fag and nomad, i'm finally on par with someone.  i do 35lbs at home and 37.5lbs at the ymca.

an actual workout for "strong" women copied from fitrex,com

check out my site, , unless you're there now