do i stress you out?
my rainbow's all black with as much white found
and you say, "suuuuhuuuuuhuuuuuch denial"
i don't wanna dissect gay pride just to hate
i don't mean to pick q apart, oh gee,
but i caaaaayaaaaayaaaaaan well, and

and there i go humping before a chest of hair that's soft
slap me with your bigger tool, sir
and it would block self-respect
more if i didn't vote for kerry
our only pride is fun, we're humpers

but all i really want - inspiration to play on wrongs and mock such choice
cuz all i really want is deliverance abououououououououound

do i share your doubt?
you're such fun but then i'm apprentice if balls i hound
guys are goons as they thrill for variety
i'm like this fella who likes to eat the sin and then shit it out
i'm frustrated that you lack esteem

and i'm enlightened by the corrupt gays of this land
if only guys would see how gay works
when i am fascinated by a hairy-chested man
i'm humbled - my words fumble - shame hurts

and how i wouldn't live for guys, but self-hate
won my health, from head to shin
and now another man's won my esteem, and
i scowowowowowowowowl

enough about me, let's talk about you, little sinner
enough about q, you're all about pride trumping mind
your conflict is laziness, you've not found yourself
hence you call out "man's profound, i'm so dowowowowowown"
why are you so petrified of my sense?  queer commentary?  listen...

did ya think about his will, your sex can't thread life,
and hiv first won your lives... or did ya long for a hint less fractioned?
and all i need now is het'rosexual intercoarse
her holes will make guys' minds much freer
as gays say perfect are free minds, "diff'rent is good,"
they're chiming
a homo guise to will nobil'ty

and all i really want is one leak, man
the gays to find my U R Lounge
cuz all i really want's to be famous in towowowowowowown

but all i really want is some comfort, a way to go and speak my mind
cuz all i really want is progressives to drowowowowowown

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