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so, being born 14 days after ms. morissette, having been a 24x7 disciple of madonna (who discovered alanis and signed her) during my youth, i started this site in the summer of 1999 as, featuring a parody of the songs on her 1995 breakthrough (i realized alanis' cd in nashville during the summer of '98, and i visualized dylanis' cd in maryland in early 1999).  now, after a decade-long career-slump, she's re-released here's mine totally revisited.  (10/24-27/2005)

all i really want   u oughta know   perfect   hand in my pocket   right through you
forgiven   u learn   head over feet   mary jane   ironic   not the doctor   wake up
ADDITIONS   not the doctor '08

i was driving this way 2 years before "ironic" she was born exactly 2 weeks before i was











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