what's the matter, "married" gay, did your heart break?  i'll place the "in session" sign on the door
i lost the papers i had penned since you quit me, you never seemed to wanna chat anymore

"i have caught aids now, doctor, don't tell jokes or
be a grand ol' retard, just talk about my repentance"

you feel you're counting sheep til death, "married" gay, that's your point in trying to b'lieve in the lord?
i feel you're fooling for a sense that you're saved, you ever wonder how you'd fool your mastor?

"well, i'm good, i'm way clean...and i'm not a felon...i'm not rude or brutal
and that's the way I have been since young age"

need some 'xoneration, gay isn't healthy, queer is censored upstairs
you're a queer crusader, mister "married" gay, and your past gay insolence
called "gay pride" will fuck you

so, take those moments, "married" gay" and repent it
worry not about the sins of gay pride
cuz all that matters, mister man, when you're fleeing
it's regret, my friend, now flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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