sometimes we're overtaked with lust
you're no flawless man, of course you'll suck
don't forget the queer-mind, k?
don't forget that gays have different up-makes

be a good boy, fly not, don't go farther
than what is good enough, don't be louder

how long before you do a slut?
how many times do i have to tell you're not man enough?
with everything i say to you, the least you could do is freak brian

be a good girl, ya gotta fly a little farther
you're simply just pleasuring us
you make boys doubt

we'll give to you and take all from the better sex
now girls are best, now maybe sons won't fly
we're scared to win, we won't keep score
this socialized self-esteem will make tough boys suck the dudes
as for womeeeeeen, we're independeeeeeeeeeeeent

be a good boy, push but not too hard or proud
that was too masterful to make us happy
we'll love you just the way you are: insufficient

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