i guess i bought the jagged little pill cd in bellevue (nashville) when i stayed there after getting out of the retard home.  i remember going out in the early a.m. hours to get chili at 24 hour wendy's drive though that was just down the road a couple miles, i remember blasting the volume (and, of course, singing the pose).  the hold it had over me was unlike anything before.  maybe the anger was a way to vent after being cooped up in the retard home for 9 months.  i don't know, but wow - i was possessed.

if it wasn't for the obsession/possession, i would have never thought to start my website as jaggedlittledyl.com.  i can't emphasize enough, the hold it had on me.  i should make a parody of genesis' "hold on my heart," in honor of it.


check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now