poetic hybrids 2005

the entertainer(7/15)  how am i supposed to live without you(7/19) i never knew love like this before(7/28)  i'm looking for a new love(7/29)  out of touch(7/30)  just like jesse james(7/30)  part-time lover(8/2)  she will be loved(8/06)  ronnie talk to russia(8/11)  forgiven (8/12)  this love(8/12)  let's talk about sex(8/17)  lonely no more(8/25)  operation spirit (the tyranny of tradition)  (10/4)  if i was your girlfriend(10/10)

jagged little pill(10/24 - 10/27)

careless whisper(11/10)  somebody love me(11/13)  money makes the world go round(11/14)  sweet transvestite(11/22)  baby got back(11/23)  ice ice baby (11/28)  how am i supposed to live without you (11/29)  all she wants to do is dance(12/05)  too funky(12/10)  all the man that i need (from the vaults)  christmas wrapping (12/25/05)

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