so, do you remember madonna's "make my video" contest for the "true blue" single?
here's a few of madylan's "write my parody" contests.
in 2000, i asked for someone to write as clay walker: "don't let the chain of life end with Q".
in 2006, i asked for someone to write as the spice girls: "if you wanna pray to allah, you've got to get compulsive"
this page will let you know wtf i am talking about :-')
in 2007, team the national socialist party and democratic socialists to revamp queensryche:
"i'm smirking next to you in silent lucidity" :-')
in 2008, realize "dr." martin luther king jr's dissertation was plagiarized, rework a. morissette's "not the doctor"
in 2008, take obama's flip-flop and do a "will the real slim shady please stand up" parody.
for obama: george michael's "monkey," peter gabriel's "shock the monkey," naked eyes' "promises, promises"
parody anita baker with "giving you respect that bush got," dire straits' "money for nothing"
miss jackson's "diamonds are a girls' best friend" with "women are a gay's best friend"
springsteen's "i'm going down" for the polls, the time's "jungle love," about "the white house negros" in the sack
soul2soul's "keep on moving" as "keep on hoping" - i yelled that to a car with a HOPE bumper sticker in 2010
from cabaret, change "money makes the world go 'round" to "oil makes the world go 'round" - you can't ban it
"blame it on the rain" as "blame it on george bush"
in 2011, change bryan adams to "tell me, have you ever really...seen it leaking menstral blood - the womb, man"
sorry in advance for this one. "i hear the earth...moved...under those chinks"
in 2013, i have wanted to write this one, but i don't think it'll happen. "she's got the moves like jagger" as "she's got to douche her vag-hole"
in 2013, i heard of how alanis morissette is coming out with a "jagged little pill"-inspired broadway show...i don't think her re-issue of "jagged little pill" back in 2005 went well. to the outsider, it seems as if she is trying to recapture the "jagged little magic". the first line to mariah carey's "vanishing" surely says it all - "if i could recapture all of the memories, and bring them to life, surely i would". (either that song, or live's "operation spirit," which has a lot of "give it up, give it up, give it up")
have a look at my others to give you an idea of what i want:
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