i went to arby's today, and there were no men working there.  so i sent this, and soon was sending it to restarurants i haven't even been in.

it didn't earn me too much traffic, though, if any at all.

To Whom It May Concern:

I had a drive-thru order today, and you would be sued for everything you have if men were as insecure as Strongwomen are and had their own "National Organization for Men" to sue for unequal representation. There were absolutely NO MEN working in your store. This apathy towards actual equality, this one-sided notion of "equal representation" where it's only bad if Strongwoman's "equal rights" are violated - it just furthers the justification for everyone standing behind the www.legalizerape.org movement. You should be ashamed of yourself as a company, because you are as intolerant as you claim to be "diverse". You wonder why so many Strongwomen are the target of sexual violence, society is overcompensating for Strongwoman's lack of justifiable strength with plain overrepresentation. It may take 3 Strongwomen to equal the physical competence of 1 man, but that's no excuse for you to overlook men completely. But I suppose the manager is Strongwoman, herself, and as spiteful as all Strongwomen are nowadays towards the more able gender, it's understandable. It's understandable that she should be fired, and that your company should not be in the business of promoting her flaccid ego.

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