woohoo.  today, my neighbor across the street went 4-wheeling with his little kid in the weedy part of my backyard.  so, i called the cops, isn't that normal, nothing unwarranted, the fucker was ridiing across my backyard.  i am so close to putting booby-traps there so if he does it again, he'd hurt himself and maybe kill his kid.  that'd be funny.

anyway, i called the cops, they came to my house to talk to me, then they went across the street.  of course, he denied it.  but they were talking a little too long.  they were standing with their arms folded, looking at my house from across the street.  it's like they were having a parent/teacher conference.  to top it off, when they were talking to me, i had my "you don't have to be black to prostitute your victimhood" pink ribbon shirt, and while i was talking to the one cop i turned and the other was looking right at it.  so, here's another woohoo.  woohoo.

they came back to my house after talking with the 4-wheeler, and told me that they were told i drive too fast down a road that has lots of kids living on it.  gee, i go 25 when there is nobody on the road.  and i slow for doggie.  and cats sometimes.  :)

but they were talking a long time about me, i swear i am famous around here.  i wear my shirts every day, i email local restaurants and tell them their customer service was bad on purpose because my server was Strongwoman and she knows of my legalizerape.org campaign.  i emailed the police department when i got a ticket for a bs reason of running through a red light - i sent a letter via postal from the internet saying that i got the ticket because the cop knew of my legalizerape.org campaign and wanted to get even with me for violating his pride.

well, they told me when they came back from across the street, that if they were to make an arrest then they'd have to arrest me as well, for pulling into his driveway a little after he did it and laying on my horn.  so they left, but well, maybe i should write another parody of "let's give 'em something to talk about".

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