today, february 26, i was writing to a lot of exodus ministries to inquire about mens' groups, i was also contacting gay therapy providers, telling them - well, look:

hi my name is dylan.  i went to the exodus webpage to find some kind of group i could partake in.  i actually remembering being in a group while at tcmc on the psyche ward, and i guess i liked that.  so i went looking for groups like that, but i think i can only get into those groups if i'm an inpatient.  i have no job, no purpose, i am online all day, and it gets boring.  i do have a homosexual attraction, and i guess that's why i'm writing you, because i could benefit from group therapy at exodus.  more than i could benefit from group therapy for any ailment i'd claim to have just so i can be a part of a group.  have you ever heard of someone contemplating alcoholics anonymous, just for something to do?  i don't drink at all.  well, if you have a group i can join, maybe with people around my age, 33, that would be nice.

oh, i guess i already have been involved in self-help for this, if you wanna have a look at, that's my site.


and, looking for other sites to contact, i ran into this.

is that not like a nazi - hmn, maybe i should parody "like a prayer".

check out my site, , unless you're there now