sure, i exercise - sure, i'm building up my body, but uh - i don't "workout" really.  i have dumbbells and a "treadhill" and a bayou fitness "powerpro," all in my room, and nothing gets used at one time.  i pass the dumbbells and do a bicep curl/ shoulder press combo.  i do one-legged squats in my kitchen where i can rest an arm on the bar for balance and do a one- legged squat.  a lot of time, when i'm sitting on the loveseat that is in the dining room, i think to myself to do push-ups on the floor.  so i do a set of 20.  i don't go til exhaustion, i just do them quickly til i can't do them as quickly.

let's see, i do pull-ups instead of the curl/press combo, now and then, on the pull-up bar that is in my bathroom door that is right next to where i keep the dumbbells in their place in the middle of the floor.  as for the "treadhill," which is nothing but a regular lifefitness treadmill propped up on a bucket of joint compound, i usually do that in...well, check my parody of run dmc's (aerosmith's) walk this way.

i used to use the bayou fitness machine for a lot, then just for leg-press, but now that i do one-legged squats in the kitchen, i don't use it much.  there are a lot of things i could use it for, so i should start up again.  today, i actually had to check that the dumbbells i was using for my curl/press were 35s, as they felt as light as 30s used to feel.  40 lbs, here i come!

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