i've got like most or all of billy joel's albums from 1974 til 1993 on mp3, i'm always shuffling all my mp3s, so i hear a lot of billy joel.  so i parody a lot of billy joel.

she can spin fem'nine style, she can screw masc'line rites
she can so get away with her fash'onble lies
cuz we always conceal what she don't wanna be:
aligned with the biceps that always leave woman in need

she can be a victim, she can play on our feelings
she can pass through the boot-camp with lesser achievement
cuz she'll take what we give men, affirm equal'ty
yeah, she bleeds for esteem, cuz she's only a woman in need

oh, she hates males for their health, and she hates cuz she wants
to be better than guys
oh, and she never puts out cuz she'll never give in
or submit to his Y

and her god had a daughter, not some man named jesus
and when masc'lin'ty cuts pride, it's fitness-for-bitches
cuz it brings out her strength when her church is as meek
blame it all on your god who gave only the woman left feet

oh, she hates males cuz she's jeal's, she can say that she's strong
where it matters, in mind
oh, but it's nothing to shout cuz it's just opinion
and unable to tri'mph

she is frequently high on society's stool
she can be a policeman, protect me from youths
but she's always a victim of fem'ninity
so the most she'd come to is a sidekick for dudes
cuz she's only a woman-police

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