we think our gender berates us, cuz we like fashion/girls' clothes
these days, one's feelings trump beings, thanks to the mixed-up west coast
can't wait to change my name to donna, can't wait to pee with pam
can't wait to get to a party and be taken by man

cuz when your own identity can 'adios' reality
you can have cake, eat it too, though people see a loon,
you're who you wanna be
we just know we're gay, our dicks jizz so grande for real guys who've stripped
when they're naked we're amazed and taken by their ways
and it's best we grow to be product of identity

our parents cry to doctors for us, and they hope we can change
but docs get a bruise if their service goes and fixes us straight
they'd make the supermarket tabloids, they'd slight whores' laws too much
cuz gay whores they want more gays 'round, the laws they write pr'mote lust

cuz when you want identity, the fags outlawed all therapy
no 'nalysist can school people straight, they'd lose
their job and their degree
gays are at war with our freedom, gay marriage says "we're so free to love"
when gay goes down on gay, it's freedom that they praise,
but changing lust, they'd bust - keep us from identity

so get with what the fags want, and check your head
you've been had by the propaganda
don't be queer or fab, you jackass bimboman
gay makes part of you self-destruct

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