but i DO have muscle...i do, i do!

i been hurting for some brute-strength, dudely images i've found
are just brawny and the matt-of-fact's that "strong" means lift your pounds
with nine pull-ups, i regret to say i am a fucking wimp
cuz they lag today, but everyday i strain for one more rep

though it takes quite a lot for dylan to get bulk
i can eat just to drop pounds, then muscles will show
and if i don't have a certain flex
well, i'm getting stronger...getting stronger
i still have far to go for strength
but i'm getting stronger...getting strong

what was ripped off by the feminists who talk to mask what's weak,
my pride must give up the "strong" ambition cuz it means nothing
if i see a man, revere him much, i'll ask him how much weight
shoots his "competence" to pieces, and i'll got my goal that way

and if i could go back and start over somehow,
i would not be a runt or a faggot by now
no, if confidence in gender'd been
i'd have gotten stronger...gotten stronger
i know it's all my self-image
now i'm getting stronger...getting strong

as my heart is there in high school, i still fantasize of men
and i should have learned what is men, now's been groomed on my 'xistence
though my head's been shaked, so given this, i've all a homo 'xcuse
i've been slighted, so until mind-growth, i'll see a prize in dudes

and although you pro-gays call me ill and naive
men-in-half, cuz you ain't all the man that you need
and if i don't have no masc'line doubt
well, i'm getting stronger...getting stronger
it still is hard disposing doubt
but i'm getting stronger...getting strong

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