barely anyone goes to my website on their own, i have to manipulate them in gay chat rooms

i went searching for the proof that what i'm living for is sound
calling lost, "men" who use acrobatic dance to spin around
things about gender-identity they know, but want to dis
though i have no fame yet, when it's seen, i'll faint from all web-hits

though i'm scoffed at a lot by a million gay dolts,
they don't freak out, report me to basher-control

and if i don't have a fan-base yet,
well i get exposure, get exposure
still have far to go, i guess
but i get exposure, get exposed

what was given to the daily kos, i want all that for me
though i lust to touch the strong man, i can fuck gay "self-esteem"
if my speech is as satirical and bashing as their game
maybe all i've missed are secrets how the kos has got their fame

and if i could know that, well you'd know all about
all my mocking and such, oh i'd touch world-renown

oh, i have the wit to aid the quest
and i get exposure, get exposure
i don't have all the answers yet
how to get as known as daily kos

i go mocking the gay-priders with the doubt that gays are in
cuz they live as though we're upside-down to prove their gender-spin
though most ev'ry nation gives to them and scorns my boring web-truths
i will slight gay-lust til guys will grow to men, and i'm the root

i'll be so cele-hated by millions of queers
but i'll have my kos-fame, it's the thing i'd hold dear

and if i won't have another sex,
least i got exposure, got exposure
dylan's hard to know his site
has gotten exposure, got exposed

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