i saw this pic and was inspired to write "clueless"

well, i'm clueless when it comes to muscle-dudes
i'll screw men i deem as true to prove
myself as manly and strong
and i'm standing here, lost in a fantasy
i'm getting curiosities
as the men will take it off

you know, i'm not a man who's ever been
too secure about the world of the masculine
i know my being, i have my gay psyches
cuz as dude, i'm just not bona-fide

i'm clueless when i see a hairy male
everytime gays see dudes standing bare,
it's our proud discovery
and we're feigned men, dorks who'd ever-gawk at guys
aw, are dudes who feel unjustified
guys who lack identity

you see, in all my life, i've never found
what i would've been if what i was, was not doubt
i will walk away from everyone before they do
and it can't not relate to q

i have never let anyone matter much, to protect my being
won't work too hard to spawn a life that won't
correlate much to the hurtful self-worth homosex breeds
cuz when you're in doubt and need self proved
it's all an act, self-love ain't true

we're clueless!

you know, it should be easy for a man who's grown
to say he's hot because with "better half," he's whole
i never lost 'dentity that masculine
cuz i never lived much up to it
it's outta my hands

i'm clueless!
i don't have no manly vow
but i don't want it anyhow
i'm just gonna suck his toes
i'm clueless!
clueless of the man, you see,
dudes forever make me drool with glee
i just want you to know
i'm clueless!

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