it was warm enough yesterday that i wondered, "why the fuck am i wearing a winter coat".
it is 8:45 am and i heard a bird chirping.
"i should write a parody to celebrate spring," i thought, "roam" by the b-52s reminds me of spring...
...i read it had a january release, then remembered "deadbeat club" is what lisa sung in the woodlot in biology class.

oh, the eight-paged "esteem buzz" i wrote about is found here.

i was bushed of the storms - not mild, just frigid
now, this esteem buzz i had formed through my e-mail, touched me
i would spawn in four days, eight pages
and it's warmed, soon i'm "getting some"

ev'ry change-of-air, be summertime or spring,
it's frantic, the hard-on i'm sporting in my brain
i'm frantic to follow my torn dreams every day
friends i'll make

i'll be getting some (getting some) - i'll be getting some (getting some)
i'll be getting some (getting some) - i'll be getting drunk (getting some)

going down on alan or the men who might sex queers
when it's couth to hang out downtown in my short-sleeves
i can smile, sure, but it's real esteem
finding words half-coy to arouse ev'ry lived life

ev'ry change-of-air, be summertime or spring
i'm frantic to party with brawny phys'cal strength
the man's got it, hardly is brawny any babe
guys have strength

i'll be getting sucked (getting sucked) - i'll be getting fucked (getting drunk)
i'll be getting cum (up my butt) - i'm just being dumb (f'get my butt)

oh, no, queer ain't much, remembering who's dead from lust

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