i don't know why "girls just wanna be tough" didn't come to me sooner.  it's so elemental.

i come home as a working wife and mother,
women just gotta save flaccid pride
no muscle here - we're not the competent ones,
but girls...they wanna have nuts
oh, girls just wanna be tough

we're posing cuz we're riddled much with spite,
on top is then how we're gonna do our love-guys
ball-caps and beer will prove us equal to some,
cuz girls, we wanna have nuts
oh, girls just wanna be tough

that's all we need and want, tough guns
men have worked, we've stayed home much
now, girls, we wanna be tough
oh, girls just wanna have nuts

girls, they want, wanna be tough...girls, wannabees...

some boys take a beautiful girl, they try impregnates
cuz we're meant to give birth
i'm unhappy with what lord god gave to us,
the world has gotta see us as burly-strong with man's nuts

we just wanna, we just wanna...
girls just wanna have nuts

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