endless hours searching for pool domes, greenhouses, steel buildings...anything to enclose my pool.  i ordered one, then realized i didn't do any preliminary work to know i would be able to have it on my property, so i put the order on hold.  the next day, i was outside in cool weather in no shirt and shorts, and i thought to myself, "all i need is a scuba suit".

i said "oh, this pool needs enclosed" - "pay what you wanna save"
i didn't care 'nough 'bout four thousand, i didn't dare want to wait til may
cuz i won't do much exercise - i'm less-fit when it's never warm
i can never get up the drive to shape me up in the winter storms
and though my dream is a pool inside, i'm gonna give it up and save all my dimes

all i need is a scuba suit, i don't need a room
all i need is a scuba suit and a heated pool
all i need is a scuba suit - i won't freeze, turn blue

i never had any drive to swim many months after fall
but i said "wow, what a waste" when i yearned to swim, once the winter came along
i thought i was really cool when the hot summer came along
but it's always the same old story, you never know what you've got til it's gone
if i ever build around pool, it's gonna be so much a waste of my dimes

all i need is a scuba suit...

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